Doha to Host Jordan-Qatar Business Forum in December

November 1, 2016

AMMAN -- Jordanian and Qatari officials will hold business talks and a Jordanian industrial fair in Doha in mid-December to enhance investment opportunities in the Kingdom's various economic sectors.
Representatives from the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Amman Chamber of Industry and Jordan Investment Authority, will convene the business forum in Doha to promote made-in-Jordan products and highlight the business climate in the Kingdom.
Jordan Chamber of Commerce president Nael Kabariti said in a statement that the three-day forum, due to start on December 14, is a key opportunity to get Qatari businesspeople acquainted with the investment opportunities in Jordan's various economic sectors and the prospect of forging business partnerships between the two countries.
He said Jordanian-Qatari ties had largely grown due to the their governments' measures to bolster cooperation, noting that Qatar has $1.6 billion in investments in the Kingdom and stressing Amman's vested interest in maximizing the benefits from signed agreements with the Gulf Arab state.
Petra News Agency
November 1, 2016