US Aid to Jordan in 2017 Totals $1.3 billion, Minister

May 11, 2017

AMMAN –– Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Imad Fakhoury said Tuesday that US basic aid to Jordan this year totaled about $1.3 billion under the budget endorsed by Congress late last week.
The aid is in recognition of the Kingdom's pivotal role in the region and the burdens it bears as well as its reform and developmental model, he said at a meeting with a delegation of US congressional aides, currently visiting Jordan, in which he outlined the economic challenges facing the Kingdom.
According to a ministry statement, Fakhoury thanked the United States for the increased aid last year and the assistance approved this year, stressing its importance in supporting national reform and development programmes and alleviating the financial burden resulting from the Syrian crisis and regional turmoil, which adversely impacted the Jordanian economy in its various sectors.
The minister said the next US aid programme should respond to national priorities through the renewal of a memorandum of understanding that govern the aid presented to the Kingdom in the next five years, with emphasis on supporting the budget and certain competitive sectors in a manner that guarantees stimulation of the national economy according to the 2018-2022 growth stimulus package.
He also told the congressional team that despite the ongoing exceptional challenges facing Jordan, including the repercussions of the Syrian refugee crisis, the government is forging ahead along a comprehensive reform path to achieve prosperity, enhance the Kingdom's resilience and turn challenges into opportunities through maintaining macroeconomic and financial stability.
Jordan Times
May 9, 2017