Jordan Signs Deal With US Firm To Build Mafraq Airport, Logistics Centre

November 30, 2017

AMMAN — Jordan Armed Forces (JAF), Mafraq Development Company and the US Safe Ports Company on Monday signed two initial agreements to set up a logistics airport and hub in Mafraq Development Zone, the Jordan News Agency ,Petra, reported.  
State Minister for Investment Affairs and Head of The Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) Muhannad Shehadeh attended the signing ceremony at JIC offices.
The first agreement, signed by Chief of Strategic Planning Brig. Gen. Nassar Athamneh and Safe Ports’ CEO Lucy Duncan, aims to offer logistical facilities at King Hussein Air College in Mafraq and establish a logistics airport that is operated in parallel with the land port that will be used for commercial purposes.
The second agreement, signed by Director General of the Mafraq Development Company Nayef Bakhit and Duncan, aims to endorse the Mafraq Development Zone as a logistical hub for rebuilding in Iraq and Syria. Safe Ports will benefit from the investment gains, exemptions and infrastructure in the development area.
Shehadeh stressed that the airport and logistics hub will improve development and serve the national economy in particular, and the region in general for its strategic location. He added that the construction of an airport and a logistics centre would boost Jordanian exports to regional markets.
Bakhit said that having a logistics centre in Mafraq will positively impact that region as an international multipurpose gateway.
For her part, Duncan said that establishment of the facilities gives economy a boost that will contribute to the advancement of development due to its strategic location.
Jordan Times
November 28, 2017